About AM-Clad

AM-Clad’s antimicrobial and hygienic PVC wall sheeting products provide supreme levels of hygiene and infection control for hygienic environments across all sectors.

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AM-Clad Australia’s range of antimicrobial wall sheeting products are specially formulated to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of germs or contaminants in medical facilities, laboratories, cleanrooms, foodsafe environments, kitchens, manufacturing plants, nurseries, schools and offices.

All three AM-Clad products are made from premium-grade material that is cost-effective and versatile. Our PVC wall covering panels are non-toxic and have a proven track record in environments where strict hygiene standards must be maintained.

The team at AM-Clad Australia are experienced in the design and estimation of  sheeting needs for all manner of hygiene-critical environments.

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AM-Clad Australia's 20-year guarantee

Our entire product range – AM-Clad, AM-Clad Hygienic and AM-Clad Guard – offer a premium, long-lasting wall sheeting solutions and come with a 20-year performance guarantee.

Both the smooth AM-Clad and AM-Clad Hygienic surfaces, and the textured AM-Clad Guard surface are highly resistant to chemicals. Germs cannot gain a foothold. This makes cleaning quick and easy. Our unique antimicrobial PVC formulation works to ensure bacteria and virus cannot re-form on the panel’s surface.

Both have antimicrobial properties which are added during manufacturing. Tiny particles of silver ions deliver an authentic sterile performance. The active ingredients contain no toxins and prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and viruses – including MRSA and food contaminants.

AM-Clad Guard wall protection is 20 times more scratch-resistant than standard PVC panels and our AM-Clad Hygienic range is suitable for a huge range of wall sheeting jobs in hygiene sensitive and foodsafe areas.

Meets international safety standards

AM-Clad, AM-Clad Hygienic and AM-Clad Guard and sheets meet UK and EU hygiene requirements and our ranges have proven track records in use around the world.

For more details of the excellent protection AM-Clad offers against viruses and bacteria, as well as the value for money offered by our systems, email our friendly team today.